1998 - 1999

Post-Doctorate (Advance Water Resources and
Environmental Engineering)
Faculty of Engineering,
University Putra Malaysia

1994 - 1998

Ph.D (Water Resources Engineering)
Faculty of Engineering
University Purta Malaysia

1982 - 1985

M.Sc. (Water Resources Engineering)
Dept. of Building & Construction Engineering
University of Technology, Baghdad - Iraq

1976 - 1980

B.Sc. (Civil Engineering)
College of Engineering, Iraq


1999 - Current :

Senior Lecturer
Department of Civil Engineering / Faculty of Engineering / University Putra Malaysia


  1. Conducting teaching and supervision in the field of Water Resources and Environmental Engineering for both under graduate and post graduate students.
  2. Conducting research in the field of Hydraulic Engineering, Hydraulic Structures, Engineering Hydrology and Environmental Engineering.

1994 - 1999 :

Researcher and Teaching Assistant / Post Graduate Fellow
Faculty of Engineering / University Putra Malaysia


  1. Conduct tutoring and demonstration sessions in the subjects of Open Channel Hydraulics, Environmental Engineering, Engineering Statistics and Water Supply Engineering.
  2. Contribute to research input on Surface Water Modeling.
  3. Provide technical consultancy in the field of Water Resources Engineering.

Publishing of six (6) scientific papers in areas relevant to the abovementioned topics (see attached list of published papers).



1986 - 1994 :

Assistant Professor (Water Resources Engineering)
University of Mustansiriyah, College of Engineering, Civil Engineering Dept.
Baghdad, Iraq.


  1. Teaching Fluid Mechanics, Irrigation Engineering, Drainage Engineering, Water Supply Engineering and Engineering Hydrology courses to 3rd year university students. The task included developing Engineering Education & Training Plans and conducting theoretical and lab. Classes.
  2. Conduct research in areas relevant to the above mentioned topics.


Publishing of 7 (seven) scientific papers in Field of Water Resources Engineering

1986 - 1994 : Hydraulics & Hydrology Design Engineer (Part-Time)

Consulting Engineering Bureau
College of Engineering, University of Baghdad
Baghdad, Iraq.


  1. Design and analysis of Storm Water Sewerage projects.
  2. Coordination of consulting activities for various projects.
  3. Quantity Surveying activities relating to Water Supply & Drainage projects.

Design, analysis and coordination input into the following projects:

  • Mosul City Storm Sewerage project
  • Baghdad Ceremonial Parade Ground project

1995 - 2003 : Perunding Bakti Sdn. Bhd.

  1. Seremban Flood Mitigation Project, Seremban D.K.
  2. Selangor Flood Mitigation Project, Selangor D.E.
  3. Technical Reports For Various Project Based on MASAM concept

Khairi Consult Sdn. Bhd.
Hydrologic and Hydraulic Design of Sg. Merab, Bangi, Selangor.